Tracker has created safe cycling zones by sponsoring and developing two cycle parks within the Gauteng area. These parks act as a free zone for cyclists, where they can have access to safe, secure mountain bike tracks. In addition these parks will have security and medical assistance on hand to ensure the safety of riders.

Each weekend the parks will be open to families and experts will be there to give assistance on how to setup their bikes and how to become a better rider. Once a month a cycling clinic will be run at the parks, teaching people technical skills on riding with experts on hand to answer any questions the public may have. The parks will cater to everyone from amateur to experts with short simple rides to the more advanced ‘hellish’ rides. The Safe Zone Bike Parks are all about having fun on a day the whole family can enjoy.

Our RideFree initiative has started with the sponsorship and upgrading of two leading MTB parks:

Both parks offer the following:

  • Free Bike Wash
  • Hydration Zone
  • Chill Zones
  • Technical Assistance
  • Emergency standby (ER24)
  • Monthly clinics
We're all committed to your cycling safety via Tracker Ride Free​.