The Tracker RideFree initiative is a holistic programme designed to ensure safer cycling. The program is designed around two key elements:

  • Public education campaigns
  • Creating safe cycling environments
It will take time and determination to make this work, but we believe we can make a difference and change the world of cycling, together.

​Public Education Campaigns

We’ve been promoting a broad stream communication campaign educating people on how to be safer cyclists and how to act around cyclists. The intention is to establish a few core rules that will help make everyone safer when on, or around a bicycle. From establishing passing distances to route markers, the campaign strives to remind people how to act and establish best practice for the world of cycling.

Safe Cycling Zones

By sponsoring and developing cycle parks within Gauteng, we’re providing a ‘ground zero’ for cyclists, where they can access safe, secure mountain bike tracks. These parks have security and medical assistance on hand to ensure the safety of all riders. Each Sunday the parks will be open to families, and experts will be there to give assistance on how to setup their bikes and how to enhance their riding.

Once a month a cycling clinic will be run at the parks to teach people technical skills and answer any questions they have. The parks will cater to all skill levels, from amateur to expert. The clinics are about having fun, offering the whole family the freedom to ride without any worries.