The ABSA Cape Epic’s reputation as one of the world’s toughest mountain bike races means that it’s vitally important for race organisers to monitor riders at all times to ensure their safety and control situations that may arise. For this reason Tracker has been entrusted with the tracking of all 1,200 riders in 600 teams over the entire 8-day stage event via mobile tracking devices. The riders’ tracking information will be available throughout the race to the organisers - as well as family, friends, followers and fans - keeping everyone informed, up-to-date and, most importantly, safe.

Features Of The Tracker Unit

The device used during the ABSA Cape Epic is purpose-built to be lightweight and small, but not compromise on performance and fits neatly in the back pouch of one member of each team’s jersey. Among the many features is an SOS assist button that, when activated, results in an EMS vehicle being dispatched to the exact location of the rider in need.

Another unique feature inspired by Tracker’s vehicle tracking service is triggered notifications at specific geo-fenced areas on the route, to let race organisers know when riders pass a specific point. Not only will race organisers be notified, notifications will be sent out on social media to let registered supporters know that their loved ones are safe and still on track. Friends and family will also be able to log in to an application to view the current location of a rider anywhere along the route.

Support Vehicles And Logistics​

Not only will the riders be monitored, approximately 200 EMS and support vehicles will be live-tracked, offering race organisers a live view of the vehicles relative to the race route with real-time assist notification using a customised mapping interface.

Ride Free

The relationship with the ABSA Cape Epic further endorses our broader safe cycling initiative - Ride Free ​- which focuses on providing safer cycling alternatives. ​​