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Tracker Guard 

Tracker Guard gives you protection when you need it most

​Tracker Guard is designed for your peace of mind in a breakdown or roadside emergency. You also have the option to add loved ones to your Tracker Guard subscription for a reduced fee. Tracker will arrange for a guard to be dispatched to your location to stand with you or your subscribed loved ones until your roadside service provider has assisted you, ensuring there is always somebody by your side in case of a roadside or medical emergency. 


With Tracker Guard you receive access to the protection services of a guard when you are stranded on the roadside due to breakdown or roadside emergency. For your safety, Tracker Guard is available day and night, 365 days a year. 

Easy to activate

To activate Tracker Guard, simply press your assist button in the your vehicle, use the assist button on your app or call 011 084 8110 to connect to a Tracker agent who will facilitate the service of a guard to your location. The guard will also continue waiting with you until your roadside service provider has finished assisting you.

Quick response

With a national footprint of reaction units in over 100 towns and cities throughout South Africa, we can reach over 90 percent of South Africa's population in an average time of under 30 minutes. These reaction units comprise of professionally trained armed guards for your protection on the roadside.

Location based service 

Tracker Guard is a service designed to work in conjunction with Tracker's products and your own smartphone. GPS/GSM technology can accurately pinpoint your vehicle or smartphone's location. We will know your precise whereabouts in a breakdown or roadside emergency when you push either your vehicles assist button or the assist button on the app, even if you are unsure of your surroundings. Alternatively you can contact Tracker on 011 084 8110​

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