FleetMaster FleetMaster


​FleetMaster is a fleet management tool that offers real time management and accurate distribution planning. Driver tracking reports and full support are available to end users. An on-board fleet management unit can be integrated with any route planning system. Reduce your running cocts, enhance your service delivery and identify problems before they occur with FleetMaster.

Daily Route Manager FleetMaster is a mobile tracking and total transport management solution for your supply chain. With it, you can monitor vehicles and delivery in real time as well as proactively manage issues as they arise. There are a number of benefits:
  • An on-board fle​et management unit can be integrated with any route planning system
  • Distribution planning and vehicle routes are more accurate
  • Driver performance is monitored through global best-of-breed technologies
  • Tracking reports are available to end users
  • Running costs are reduced, service is enhanced and problems identified before they occur
Business Intelligence And Analysis Reporting FleetMaster offers analysis reporting, which includes:
  • Real time visibility of route execution
  • Management dashboard with drill down
  • Improved depot departure and turn around
  • Improved customer turnaround times
  • Automated driver debrief (plan vs. actual)
  • Geo-coding of customer
  • KPI reporting, routing and scheduling, yard management and servicing
Key Features And Benefits FleetMaster compares planned routes with location information and details the information via the web-based interface. The planned vs. actual information can be viewed on a map with trip replay showing events at each point. Other key benefits include:
  • Users can be alerted to potential problems with vehicles and routes
  • Daily, weekly and monthly feedback reports can be extracted for vehicles and drivers
  • Web-based dashboards and KPI’s are available to monitor the current operational status of the fleet as well as to track progress in your key pre-defined metrics
  • FleetMaster enables effective route and driver compliance management for significant fleet cost-savings and efficiency optimisation, ultimately maximising competitive advantage.
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