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Blueprint is your business' cost-saving tool that will help you reduce your operating costs. 

Costs And Savings

The system can save you 7 - 13% on your fleet a year for only a R65 per month fee per vehicle - no additional fees. There are no licence or maintenance fees. The real opportunity is reducing operating costs.


Blueprint records and depreciates your vehicles with access to book value and market value at any time. The monthly costs of any finance plan are pulled into the system and cents per kilometre can be calculated at the spur of the moment.

Maintenance, Tyres And Fuel

Maintenance and monthly tyre costs can be drawn from any service provider whether it’s fixed plan, maintenance management or a single product linked to fuel card. Simplify your maintenance plans with these helpful additions:

  • All fuel card expenses from any of the major banks can be pulled into the system
  • Toll expenses form part of information received
  • Specific reports in addition to those from fuel card providers can be selected and tailored to requirements
  • These reports will flag exceptions in advance and predictive analysis reports are generated

Monthly premiums per vehicle or any other payment will be drawn into the system. Costs per vehicle include management product expenses and personal repairs.


Blueprint is linked to the major tracking and GPS service providers. By selecting or working with a vehicle, you can go directly to the tracking/GPS service provider’s information without exiting the system.

AARTO – Fines Management

A fully integrated fines management system means accurate records of all fines received. Fines can be redirected live to the responsible driver. All statuary forms and required documents are maintained and updated. All required forms are populated and completed automatically, allowing you to attach any recorded document for distribution. Driver demerit points are recorded and early warning reports alert you to the drivers’ licence status, minimising risk for your company. Driver and vehicle licence renewals are flagged well in advance for timely renewal.


Required documents such as ID and licence can be scanned into the system and automatically attached to any required documentation to be sent to any municipality.


Blueprint can generate multiple reports as and when required. Reports can be scheduled and emailed to selected recipients at any time and produced in any format required such as excel or pdf. Reports are generated proactively, advising managers on risk areas. Reports for executives can be tailored in any format and date stamped for current month, quarterly, year or life to date.

Dash Board Indicators

All reports can be linked to different fleet operating budgets and displayed in dash board indicator formats. Various levels of management can see what they require at a glance - budget at month end, year or life to date. Indicators can be displayed in any format.


There are so many! But these are definitely the ones you'll appreciate most:

  • Fully online
  • No capital outlay
  • Direct access globally
  • Password and security controlled to management requirements
  • Access to any number of users
  • Reports generated automatically and emailed to recipients whether logged in or not, reception reports to ring fence high risk areas for immediate corrective actions.

Find out more about Blueprint to​day​ and start saving your business some money.​