​Extend Mobile offers you all the features you need from a fleet tracking solution with a mobile advantage. Enjoy comprehensive fleet management capabilities that include in-cab communication, guidance on how to improve efficiency and complete reporting services.

Get Extend Mobile today – your personal, mobile fleet manager.

With Extend Mobile, you can rest assured your fleet is operating optimally by making use of the following features:

Driver Manage​ment

Using the power of TomTom WEBFLEET®, your drivers can register all their mileage and differentiate between personal, working times, commutes and business. A logbook is available that offers detailed data that can be integrated with your payroll and billing systems.

Job Dispat​ch

Extend Mobile helps you manage workflow and communication with your fleets, allowing you to plan jobs on standby and track current jobs in progress . Notifications can be set up to send on completion of jobs and historical report data can be extracted for up to 90 days, allowing you to effectively monitor and plan your schedules.


Using the inventive Extend Mobile, you can make use of accurate navigation tools to assist your drivers in getting from one location to the next. Remove stress and safety issues by using this fleet tracking tool to map out routes, avoid traffic and prevent stop-start driving. Any problems on the road ahead will be picked up and your driver will be automatically re-routed along the safest, most efficient path.

Web Int​erface

The TomTom WEBFLEET® online interface gives you remote access to your fleets, no matter what your location. Gain insight into locations, performance and driving efficiency at any time via your PC, smartphone or tablet.


The Extend Mobile reporting feature allows you to access data on speed, mileage, fuel consumption, trip reports, driving times and many other useful services. You can also customise your own reports and integrate them with your billing and payroll packages for added convenience.


The TomTom WEBFLEET® Logbook application is your answer to simple, stress-free mileage reconciliation. Link your driver’s smartphones to the app and access reliable, precise data on all trips - business or personal - for easy and complete tax filing.

Vehicle Mana​gement

Using TomTom WEBFLEET®, you can track and trace all current and historical movements for each vehicle within your fleet. Assign icons to groups or vehicle types and monitor your fleet categorically. You can also use this to plan maintenance and garage visits.


From an environmental perspective, Extend Mobile will also help you get your drivers to their destinations, without wasting time or money and without excessive carbon emissions. The eco-route option will always be the most efficient route from one location to the next.​

In-cab Communication

Arguably one of the simplest but most useful features, Extend Mobile assists you with a more convenient and affordable way of communicating with your driver when they are on the road. Text and voice messages can be sent straight to your driver’s personal navigation device and from them back to you. Pre-set messages can be activated in the event of a breakdown or other emergency.

Choose the safer, more affordable way to manage your fleets.

Extend Mobile

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