​Tracker has been South Africa’s leading vehicle tracking company since the 1990s. By arresting thousands of criminals, saving hundreds of lives, and preventing scores of future crimes from ever happening, Tracker is and always will be a powerful force for good in South Africa dedicated to bringing down crime.

Tracker’s Radio Frequency and GSM-GPS networks cover the vast majority of South Africa, including several neighbouring countries. Through a unique partnership with the South African Police Service (SAPS) – widely regarded as one of the most successful private-public collaborations in this country – Tracker recovery technology has been fitted to more than 1300 SAPS vehicles and 50 SAPS aircraft.

But while vehicle tracking and Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) remains the company’s core business, the Tracker of today has evolved into a highly sophisticated technological company offering leading edge fleet management and telematics solutions to both individuals and organisations throughout Southern Africa.

The company’s new innovative product offering, called Tracker Business, in partnership with the renowned TomTom brand, enables the two companies to combine their fields of expertise to provide a unique fleet management system that covers the entire spectrum of needs, including Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Transport Solutions Technology. Tracker’s established brand position and market access combined with TomTom’s easy to use fleet management solutions with proven return on investment (ROI) bring tremendous value to fleet managers in South Africa.

Tracker Business in partnership with TomTom, has a variety of products that are designed to meet the needs of any organisation that has on-road operations. Tracker’s state-of-the-art fleet management system ensures that a dedicated team of professionals are taking care of all aspects of vehicle fleet management so that fleet owners can focus on other areas of their business. In fact Tracker’s customised, technologically advanced fleet management system enables fleet owners to access, monitor and analyse the performance and movement of every vehicle in their fleet.

Some of the valuable Tracker Business fleet management services include:

• Navigation on TomTom PRO devices helps keep drivers in touch with the office and reduces business mileage. Additional features such as IQ Routes, hands-free calling, access to live services and job dispatching and workflow management offer additional value because they not only offer driver safety but they also limit time and fuel wastage.
• Live traffic helps drivers to avoid traffic congestion, enabling them to arrive on time and to be more productive.
• Real time vehicle tracking shows business how and when vehicles are being used. This information can then be used to optimise processes and improve efficiencies, thereby prolonging vehicle life.
• Driver training and road safety can be significantly enhanced by fleet managers monitoring driver reports and offering interventions and training sessions when the need arises – pertaining to issues such as speeding and harsh-breaking.
• Fleet management reporting gives fleet managers real-time and historic information in clear dashboards or detailed reports in order to make profitable decisions.
• Job dispatching and workflow management removes unnecessary and manual process, ensuring that the best-suited and available vehicle is always dispatched for a particular job.

Having developed a strong and valued working relationship over the last 6 years, Tracker Business supplies a vehicle management solution to Fidelity, which they in turn use to service their clients, one of them being British American Tobacco (BAT). Fidelity uses the Tracker ExecuFleet system as well as Tracker TomTom.

Tracker ExecuFleet is a unique offering, tailor-made for companies that require the highest exacting standards of vehicle and operational information. The system includes unlimited advanced Tracker ExecuFleet web access and optional command centre software for corporate clients, giving full vehicle control and operations asset management.

Fidelity currently has approximately 4500 Tracker units fitted into their and their clients’ vehicles. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that Tracker Business values greatly, andAT in line with Tracker’s customer-centric approach, two Tracker agents are based at Fidelity, to help streamline the processes and daily operations.

Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics – the valuable, real-time data that tracking technology delivers to the fleet owner – transforms unstructured research data into actionable information. This enables better business decision-making about the day-to-day operations of the fleet, thanks to the ability to measure data gathering, data management and data analysis against specific business objectives.