Last month’s Durban Pride was its usual fun-filled, consciously aware celebration of free choice, with one difference hundreds of pink umbrellas and sandwich boards lit up the Liberation March with a tongue-in-cheek campaign message, "We've got your ass covered," to coin a phrase for protecting your interests.

The concept was driven by Tracker, the company concerned with abling the freedom of South African vehicle owners, and was specially designed for the Pride festival to highlight the numerous services Tracker offers with the express objective of giving South Africans additional monitoring and protection which provides the security to enjoy their freedom.
Bronwynn Tippett, Chief Marketing Officer of Tracker explains, “At Tracker, the notion of freedom is very close to our hearts, as we want South Africans to feel safe and secure wherever they may be. Over the years, we’ve seen how our service has allowed people to enjoy their freedom a little more, safe in the knowledge that someone is watching over their vehicle, the driver and any passengers, hence the reference to ‘covered’.” She adds, “By the same token, we are privileged to live in a free and fair society where all citizens enjoy freedom of expression, which we feel taps into the spirit of Durban Pride.”
And the spirits were certainly high on the day. Durban never needs a second invitation to celebrate, and this year’s 4th annual Durban Pride was no exception. Even the umbrellas were proudly opened for the entire route, despite the mostly dry conditions. Perhaps to ensure that absolutely nothing would dampen the spirits.
The Tracker of today has shifted to products and services that focus on more than stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and offer a host of new innovative safety and security solutions that act as a partner to keep you safe. Tracker’s activation at Durban Pride communicated one of these – Theft Rescue. In the unfortunate event of a vehicle theft or hijacking incident, Tracker will assist you to replace your lost valuables by helping you out with cash, a cellphone, trauma counseling sessions and a rental vehicle with a full tank of petrol. There’s a rumour that you can also get a pink umbrella…if that’s what you want.