At Tracker, we’re leaders in stolen vehicle recovery, relying on innovative technology to keep us competitive and successful. At the core of our business is the highly effective and reliable GPS tracking technology. The system works as follows:

It’s a radio navigation system using four GPS satellites to communicate its changing position and time
On the ground a GPS tracking receiver triangulates its own position in relation to these satellites, resulting in geographic positioning accurate to within a few yards
This information can then be populated on a map and other information such as speed, altitude and travel times can be garnered
It’s this information that helps us do what we do best, Take Back Tomorrow.

Vehicle Tracking Is Only The Beginning
Using our exceptional stolen vehicle recovery network, our goal is to get criminals off the street, particularly those involved in vehicle theft and hijackings. There’s no question that the vehicle tracking industry has played a major role in bringing down the numbers in truck and car theft, hijackings and vehicle crime in general.

Tracker has recovered close on 60,000 stolen and hijacked vehicles, which has led to more than 10,000 arrests thanks to the efficiency of GPS tracking and our partnership with the SAPS. Now when you consider how many criminals we arrest are guilty of other violent crimes, you begin to understand that vehicle tracking is playing a key role in reducing other forms of crime. In fact, Tracker’s slogan of ‘Taking Back Tomorrow’ is about our drive to create a better and safer South Africa for everyone – whether you are a customer of ours or not.

Keeping a step ahead of the criminals is not easy task.Tracker employs a number of covert measures to protect the location of the vehicle tracking unit installation. Unfortunately, and for obvious reasons, we cannot disclose what some of these measures are. Suffice to say, our stoen vehicle recovery rate remains extremely high and this has been the case for many years. While there are some sophisticated criminals out there, Tracker is continually working on new and better ways to thwart their efforts.

We feel that we are winning the war and we aim to continue to do so.

By Katherine Stott at 1 Mar 2013