Festive greetings from everyone at Tracker! We've made it to the end of the year and now we face the mad rush before the end of year chill. Office parties and holiday plans, one last bout at the gym and freshly baked mince pies. December brings with it a chance to relax and unwind as well as reflect on the year gone by. 

How did you do this year? Did you achieve your goals? Did you enjoy as many moments as you possibly could? We certainly hope so, and if not... that's what the New Year is for! To try harder, do better and set new goals.

Staying Safe This Season
Unfortunately, the start of the holidays also means an increase in road accidents. People are desperate to get their holiday started that they often make silly decisions on the road. Road safety is close to our hearts and minds at Tracker, so to keep you safe we have a few tips for long-distance drivers and post-party commuters.

Be vigilant, knowing what’s happening around you can save you from nasty surprises. You may not be drunk or tired, but that doesn’t mean nobody else on the roads is
Drive defensively, but not aggressively
Always wear your seatbelt
Take sufficient food and rest breaks when driving late at night or over long distances. It really isn’t a race
Be courteous, a road rage incident isn’t a pleasant way to start your party season
Don’t drive when drunk, impaired or tired. Call a cab, phone a friend or pay a designated driver to get you and your car safely home. It’s worth it
Most importantly? Be smart
Fitting a Tracker vehicle tracking unit to your car can increase your road safety thanks to access to fast and efficient roadside and emergency medical assistance. Monitoring driver behaviour can eliminate accidents and, if fitted with TomTom technology, can even help drivers avoid existing accidents and congestion en-route. Tracker technology is constantly being updated, and innovative safety features abound. Make use of your Tracker unit to stay safe this December.

By Katherine Stott at 2 Dec 2013