Helping create a safer, better future for South Africans by Taking Back Tomorrow, is a goal that lies at the heart of the Tracker family, and we aren’t just targeting the crime rate. We’ve taken a stance and extended this philosophy to our wildlife. At Tracker, we’ve taken a stand in the fight against rhino poaching, and we’re proud to be a supporter of RAGE (Rhino Action Group Effort), a LeadSA initiative.  

After physically helping to track down several poachers and recover horns worth millions, Tracker answered an appeal by 702 and donated night-vision goggles to a team of game rangers several months ago.

But Tracker wanted to do more. Recognising the need for a more collaborative effort, we have now decided to partner with RAGE. Instead of working on the ground, RAGE co-ordinates donations of all kinds, from money and equipment to expertise, using a panel of experts to decide where best to distribute the donations. They are strictly audited and are a non-profit organisation, ensuring that donations are used for the right purpose and providing a safe, reputable and accountable point for contributions. With World Rhino Day taking place on September 22, Tracker is encouraging everyone to take a stand against rhino poaching.

With over 300 rhinos poached this year alone, the macabre reality of poaching should be enough to warrant the strongest condemnation, as should the realisation that at the current rate of rhinos being killed and mutilated, it’s entirely likely that our children will grow up never knowing what a live rhino looks like, and that is not a future that Tracker accepts. 

What Can You Do?
World Rhino Day is celebrated globally, with events and fundraisers taking place in locations across the world, from London, UK to Phoenix, USA as well as right here in your own country. Offer your support on a local level by supporting these events and spread the word to ensure their success.

By Katherine Stott at 2 Sep 2013