On Thursday the 27th of March, we were thrilled to host our Men In The Making Day; an event that brought local business leaders and corporate establishments together to help inspire and mentor Grade 10 to 12 boys with career guidance, job shadowing and motivational speaking.

A number of exceptional South African brands pledged their support to this initiative and the event in particular. Names such as Hollard, OUTSurance, First National Bank, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Rand Merchant Bank, Etana Insurance, Murray & Roberts, Transnet, The Department of Energy and SASIRA all offered their support in an attempt to thwart the negative upbringing of these boys while encouraging them to greatness.

An Event To Be Remembered
Men In The Making Day brought Grade 10 to 12 boys from pre-selected schools together to take part in an event that helped them recognise their potential while also offering opportunity for them to visualise and experience life in the workplace. Various career opportunities were presented to the boys and they were also then invited to spend a day at the participating company’s offices.

The structure of this “day in the life” varies from office to office, but essentially equips the young men with the tools they need to understand what it takes to be involved in business, to be successful and also to be inspired to try. Tracker was proud to launch the Men In The Making initiative on 25 March in 2009. It was quick to gain the support of the Department of Basic Education and the general public too.

Learning the ethics of successful business and the values that will help them make the most of their lives is what the initiative hopes to achieve. With the outcome of the Men In The Making Day, it seems that this has been achieved as the previously disadvantaged young men overcome their respective pasts and make the most of their futures.

By Katherine Stott at 14 Apr 2014