Starting with a small yet well-meaning CSI team, our Tracker CSI initiatives have grown from exponentially. We like to put everything we have into these intiatives because not only are they rewarding, but they help us realise that we are making a difference... everything small gesture has a really large impact. 

South Africa has loads of non-governmental organisations that cater for a wide section of our country’s disadvantaged population, but these organisations often rely heavily on private sector funding, something that’s hard to come by in these troubled times. Picking just a few to support meaningfully was no easy task, but we are proud to be associated with some truly inspiring initiatives.

Africa Food For Thought
“Poverty often deprives a child of all spirit and virtue; it is hard for an empty bag to stand upright.”

Healthy, well-educated children are the key to a brighter future, but how can this be achieved when so many of our children are still adversely affected by poverty? Even when access to education is provided it is impossible for a hungry child to listen, learn and do well at school. At Tracker, we are helping orphaned and vulnerable children by collaborating with an organisation called Africa Food for Thought. This non-profit organisation is involved in food distribution, feeding programmes and poverty relief aimed at primary schools serving informal settlements.

We have sponsored the organisation’s orphaned and vulnerable children programme by supporting 41 child-headed households with monthly food parcels. The sad reality is that older children have the adult burden of caring for their younger siblings; forcing many to drop out of school in an effort to survive. We hope that our contribution to this programme has lightened this burden and helped many to stay in school.

Living Water
Over 60% of South Africans do not have access to safe drinking water. This basic element is essential for life, and every human being should have access to it. With this in mind, we have partnered with Living Water in Humansdorp in the Eastern Cape.

Through cooperation with Living Water, Tracker assisted some schools in the impoverished rural Eastern Cape by building toilets to benefit schools like Sonop Primary in Humansdorp. The right to proper sanitation is pivotal for leading a healthy and dignified life, and we are pleased to have restored some dignity to the communities we’ve touched.

Bethlehem Centre For The Disabled
Caring for those who cannot care for themselves is something Tracker understands well. With our clients putting the safety of their loved ones in our hands on a daily basis, we know what it is like to carry that burden, and we are touched by the efforts of Phedisang Bana Rearabetswe, home to over 30 children and adults with mental and physical disabilities. The Bethlehem Centre for the Disabled is supported by Tracker on many levels. Our staff donate their time to the home, and also work to fulfil many of the home’s needs. Tracker has assisted with monetary donations, and since 2006 we have been assisting the centre with monthly financial support for their daily needs and upkeep. In 2008 Tracker donated a Mercedes Benz 17-seater bus to the centre, which is used to transport the children from their homes to the centre, as well as on any other educational trips the centre may deem fit.

Nanga Vhutshilo Positive Living 
The HIV and AIDS pandemic has left behind a tragic legacy, one which we’d like to start healing. Taking Back Tomorrow has never meant so much: Based in Soweto, Nanga Vhutshilo Positive Living is a community-based HIV and AIDS support programme which provides food and other services to over 300 children who are either HIV positive or who have been affected by the pandemic in some way. Tracker has made a monetary donation to the organisation, and this was used for food parcels, school fees, counselling and lunch money for high school learners.

By Katherine Stott at 1 May 2013​