Cycling has fast become one of South Africa’s biggest and most enjoyed pastimes. It’s an opportunity to stay healthy and fit, whilst still being able to stay in touch with nature and get out into the great outdoors. Participation in the sport and the support thereto is steadily growing on a daily basis, pushing cycling to become one of the top four sports in South Africa. At Tracker, it’s our intention to make the sport of cycling much safer for those involved – the cyclists themselves, supporters, drivers and the general public too. In support of cycling safety and in connection with Freedom To Drive, we are proud to announce our “RideFree” initiative, an holistic programme designed to make the world of cycling safer. Find out more about RideFree and here. In line with these initiatives, our public education campaign is broad stream communication that is designed to educate people on cycling safety, as in how to be a safer cyclist and how to act and drive around cyclists. By Katherine Stott at 12 May 2014​